Annual Report

of mBank Group
for 2014






mBank Group’s strategic advantages

Over the past years mBank Group developed a range of competitive strengths, which enable the organisation to take advantage of growth opportunities and successfully achieve its strategic objectives.wrapper-href

mBank Group capital and funding

Capital base structure and management as well as financing sources of mBank Group.wrapper-href

mBank branch network project

Implementation of the One Network Project to consolidate mBank’s sales network and to better service the needs of retail and corporate customers.wrapper-href

mBank Group Strategy and plans for the coming years

The underlying principles of the One Bank strategy for 2012-2016 provided for improvement of the long-term capacity of generating income and profits within a sound balance sheet with a strong technological support for client relationships and an enhanced integration of the Group’s offering.wrapper-href

mBank Group before and after the financial crisis

In the years 2008-2014 the business model and the balance sheet structure of the Group were modified. The current business model of mBank conforms to the existing and future regulatory requirements and enables quick reacting to new opportunities.wrapper-href

Challenges for the Polish banking sector

Changes in the market environment, regulations and recommendations issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority may be a challenge for the banking sector in Poland in 2015 and may have an adverse effect on its financial results.wrapper-href

Mobile application

Mobile technologies are changing our lives. They give us speed, independence, convenience, they are personalised and serve multiple purposes, they connect us with the whole world – all that here and now, immediately. Coming in line with the current trends, in 2014 mBank focused on the development of this channel.wrapper-href

Key projects of mBank Group in 2014

In 2014 mBank Group implemented a number of projects which made it even better prepared for both market and regulatory challenges in the coming years.wrapper-href