13.2. Training and development

In 2014 development activities were determined by business priorities – they developed skills and broadened knowledge needed by teams in order to effectively achieve the goals set for the organisation. Plans developed jointly by development specialists and managers responsible for particular teams representing all levels of management in the organisation (together with Members of the Management Board supervising the business lines) were the basis for undertaking the activities. Special development programmes supported activities of project teams performing key business initiatives for mBank.

Apart from specialised tailor-made training programmes run by experienced Polish and foreign experts (e.g. IESE, DC Gardner), the plans for 2014 also included a number of activities performed internally. It was a consistent continuation of activities started in previous years under the mBank Group’s Strategy whose purpose is to fully use the knowledge and skills in the organisation.

The management staff were invited to take part in a development project designed by a consortium of training companies. The programme was adapted to the current challenges faced by the organisation at every management level, adequately to the diversified level of experience in team management. It focused on improving skills of development work with a subordinate team. The programme will be continued in 2015.

Our people make the difference

In 2014, the Bank organised the third edition of the "Our People Make the Difference" development programme. For the first time all the subsidiaries of mBank Group were invited to the programme. The programme directly supports development of organisation culture based on the following values - client-centricity, looking ahead, simplifying, commitment and professionalism.  The purpose of the programme is an integration of the Group employees as regards the values, forming a team and key attitudes for achievement of strategic goals of the organisation. In 2014, out of all candidates put up by the Bank employees, 28 persons were awarded.

The Young Talents Programme

The Young Talents Programme, started 4 years ago, is mBank’s response to the current and future needs of the organisation and expectations of candidates – students and graduates.

The programme is a part of mBank Group’s strategy of creating the image of an attractive employer in the group of students and graduates. The purpose of the programme is to acquire talented people entering the job market and prepare them to take up independent tasks at the Bank. Consequently, it facilitates the access to the entry-level posts for the candidates, which optimises the recruitment process and increases the importance of internal recruitment.

The Young Talents Programme consisting of internships and traineeships is addressed to students and graduates who intend to work in the banking sector in the future. The programme participants acquire practical skills and knowledge and obtain ongoing support of their supervisor. Moreover, interns and trainees work under an employment contract and have access to employee benefits.

The Young Talents Programme consists of two programmes, which interpenetrate and complement each other. These include:

  • Traineeship programme, consisting of traineeships conducted with a flexible course, so that trainees may easily combine work and studies or other obligations. Owing to the traineeship programme the participants can become familiar with one area of the Bank’s operations. In 2014, 89 students and graduates participated in the traineeship programme at the Bank.
  • Internship programme of mBank is addressed to people who are open, committed and full of enthusiasm, who gained previous experience as trainees or as members of students’ scientific associations and student organisations. Cooperation within the internship lasts from 9 to 12 months and the interns work full-time. The internships in Łódź and Warsaw are conducted on a rotational basis, which makes it possible for an intern to become familiar with several areas of the Bank - interns have the opportunity to support three organisational units. Candidates applying for an internship choose one profile determining the leading competence during the internship. In 2014 internships of an analytical, business, legal, business and investment, HR as well as business and marketing profiles were introduced under which cooperation with 15 interns was established. In addition, in 2014, all the interns who completed the previous editions of the internship programme conducted in 2013 found employment with the Bank.