10.2. Business activity of selected subsidiaries


mBank’s in-house built insurance operations

Offering bancassurance and stand-alone products

Strong degree of integration with mBank


In 2014, BRE Insurance Group continued its activities related to the reorganization of its structure, aimed at organizational and functional separation of BRE Ubezpieczenia TUiR. As a result, 100% of the shares of BRE Ubezpieczenia sp. z o.o. and BRE Agent Ubezpieczeniowy sp. z o.o. were purchased by Aspiro. Subsequently, on September 11, Aspiro signed an agreement with AXA Group for the sale of 100% of BRE Ubezpieczenia TUiR shares. As part of the transaction, after obtaining the required approvals of Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (the consent was received on November 13, 2014) and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, cooperation agreements with mBank Group regulating the distribution of life insurance and property insurance will be signed. The agreements will be valid for at least 10 years. For more information on the cooperation with AXA Group please see Section 2.3. Key projects of mBank Group in 2014.

In 2014, premiums in the field of direct business declined by 5.9% to PLN 144.9 million compared to the year 2013. In bancassurance premiums amounted to PLN 151.5 mln, which constituted an increase by 860.8% compared to 2013. The reported increase is mainly attributable to the insurance of repayment of mortgage as well as cash and vehicles loans (an increase of PLN 42.0 million respectively, 28.2% year on year). The increase was a result of the cessation of sales of these products through third party companies.

In 2014, in addition to the loan repayment insurance, the company's product range was expanded, among others, by online shopping insurance for individuals and PLUS Insurance for EURO-net sp. z o.o. customers.

BRE Ubezpieczenia Group (including the results of BRE Agent Ubezpieczeniowy and BRE Ubezpieczenia for seven months of 2014) generated a gross profit of PLN 83.4 million, an increase of PLN 21.8 million in comparison to 2013. The improvement resulted mainly from a larger volume in the area of bancassurance and a strict cost management.



Financing offer in the form of leasing or rent, and car fleet management

1st position on the real estate market

3rd position on the leasing market in Poland

mLeasing is Poland’s third largest leasing provider. The value of contracts executed in 2014 reached PLN 3.2 billion, compared to PLN 2.4 billion in 2013 (+29.3% year on year). As demand increased in 2014, the sales grew year on year, mainly driven by an increase in the sales of vehicles, machinery and equipment. In 2014, the company ranked third by aggregate volume of executed contracts (movables + real estate), including the third position in movables and the first position in real estate.

The profit before tax of mLeasing in 2014 was PLN 45.9 million, representing an increase of 6.5% year on year net of the one-off income from a VAT refund in 2013 (including the one-off income from a VAT refund, the profit before tax decreased by 28.7%).

The “Leasing in Retail” project continued in 2014 pursuant to the “One Bank” Strategy geared to developing a comprehensive offer for clients. The initiative is dedicated to corporate clients who can conclude a leasing agreement using special leasing processes. Thanks to the combined efforts of Retail Banking and mLeasing, the company financed PLN 262.7 million of fixed assets, using funds obtained with a participation of Retail Banking segment.

The figure below presents the value of leasing contracts executed under the  “Leasing in Retail” project.

ieczenia Group (including the results of BRE Agent Ubezpieczeniowy and BRE Ubezpieczenia for seven months of 2014) generated a gross profit of PLN 83.4 million, an increase of PLN 21.8 million in comparison to 2013. The improvement resulted mainly from a larger volume in the area of bancassurance and a strict cost management.


The largest mortgage bank in Poland

Focusing on financing of commercial projects, the public sector and individual clients, market analysis and advisory services for investors and operators of commercial real estate industry

The largest issuer of covered bonds in Poland – 73% market share; over PLN 3 billion securities outstanding

The gross loan portfolio of mBank Hipoteczny (mBH) reached PLN 5.4 billion at the end of 2014 (+31.3% year on year). The change was driven by a steady increase in the portfolio of new mortgage loans for retail clients of mBank Group. In addition, in implementation of the Strategy, mBank Hipoteczny acquired ca. PLN 338 million (PLN 301 million retail loan pooling; PLN 37 million corporate loan pooling). In addition, the sales of commercial loans in 2014 displayed solid growth trajectory.

In 2014, mBank Hipoteczny further increased its activity on the debt securities market. mBH placed eight series of covered bonds during the year. The total nominal value of covered bonds in issue reached PLN 1.0 billion. Consequently, mBH successfully achieved its target of issuing PLN 1.0 billion of mortgage bonds in 2014.

It was the best year in the fifteen-year history of mBH as measured both by the number of issued series of covered bonds and their total value. The value of new covered bonds issued by mBH and the outstanding covered bonds on the market breached the mark of PLN 3 billion for the first time in history.

The issue parameters of new series of covered bonds introduced to trading changed substantially. Earlier series denominated mainly in PLN had relatively short maturities as well as floating interest rates. Compared to the previous issues, the policy of the Bank was modified as its main function is to raise funding and to refinance long-term mortgage loans. The main focus is on narrowing the maturity gap of assets and liabilities, reducing the currency gap, and largely cutting the cost of new funding.

In late February 2014, mBH issued its first series of 15-year EUR covered bonds. Their maturity is among the longest maturities of corporate debt ever issued by Polish issuers. The success of the issue was not a one-off event, as demonstrated by another two 15-year covered bond issues. Each following series met growing demand of foreign investors, as reflected in the growing nominal value of issued covered bonds, from EUR 8.0 million to EUR 20.0 million.

Between July and August 2014, mBH issued two series of PLN covered bonds. The Bank was originally planning to issue up to PLN 200 million of HPA22 series covered bonds. Faced with strong interest from domestic financial market players, mBH decided to raise the nominal value of the HPA22 series to PLN 300 million and arranged an issue of the HPA23 series. As a result, mBank Hipoteczny raised PLN 500 million in total. This was the largest sale of covered bonds in the history of Poland’s mortgage banking.

To take advantage of the positive foreign investor sentiment, mBH raised another EUR 70 million in two transactions closed in Q4 2014. The table which presents the mBH issues is included in chapter 6. mBank Group capital and funding.

Compared to the previous issues, the success of the 2014 transactions should be seen in the context of the falling market rates and the extended maturity of the issued instruments resulting in a significant reduction of the cost of funding and a much better match of the maturities and currencies of the Bank’s assets and liabilities.



Domestic and export factoring with recourse, non-recourse factoring, import guarantees

20 years on the market, one of the pioneers of factoring in Poland

7th position on the factoring market in Poland, with 7.9% market share

The turnover in the sector increased by 17.31% in 2014 (according to the Polish Factors Association) and the value of financed invoices was PLN 114.4 billion.

The turnover of mFaktoring was PLN 9.0 billion at the end of 2014 (+13.1% year on year), ranking the company as the seventh biggest provider of factoring services. The profit before tax of the company was PLN 20.0 million (+8.2% year on year).



Comprehensive brokerage and capital market services for individuals and institutions as well as issues

The largest number of brokerage accounts on the Polish market, handling nearly 300 thou. customers

Equities market share – 3.9% and 9th position on the market

Futures market share – 18.1% and 2nd position on the market

Options market share – 17.9% and 3rd position on the market

Dom Maklerski mBanku (mDM) provides brokerage services to the biggest Polish institutional investors (pension funds, investment funds, asset managers), foreign funds, and retail clients. mDM enables clients to trade on regulated markets in Poland and abroad as well as on the FOREX/CFD market.

mDM had 294.3 thousand clients at the end of 2014, representing an increase of 2.4 thousand year on year.

In 2014, mDM (acting as Lead Manager/Issue Agent) arranged IPOs of three companies: Prime Car Management (PLN 209 million), Polwax (PLN 57 million), Skarbiec Holding SA (PLN 44 million); two SPOs: Ursus (PLN 30 million) and Work Service (PLN 82 million); two public bond issues for Best (PLN 45 and 50 million); a public issue of investment certificates issued by KBC TFI (PLN 25 million); and two ABB SPOs of In Data and Work Service.

The market share of mDM in equity trading on the WSE was 3.9%, which ensured the ninth position on the market. mDM had the second position in the market of futures with a market share of 18.1% and the third position in the market of options with a market share of 17.9%.

mDM generated a profit before tax of PLN 19.5 million in 2014, representing a decrease of 22.0% year on year (PLN 25.0 million in 2013) primarily as a result of lower income from commissions on client transactions and proprietary transactions on the WSE, as well as reduced primary issuance activity on the market.



Private Banking & Wealth Management services

Comprehensive asset management by the company’s experts and specialists from cooperating companies

mBank Private Banking recognized the best in Poland by the Euromoney Magazine for the 6th time

In 2014, the company continued to develop comprehensive wealth management services including investment advisory and asset management. The Company’s assets under management increased to PLN 5.1 billion at the end of 2014, representing an increase of 8.1% year on year while assets under investment advisory increased by 4.1% year on year and stood at PLN 734.5 million at the end of 2014.

The company generated an operating profit of PLN 36.6 million in 2014, representing an increase of 7.5% year on year. Its profit before tax reached PLN 18.5 million, compared to PLN 16.7 million in 2013.

As acknowledgement of the company’s success and the top quality of its service, it received the Euromoney award for the best private banking and wealth management offer in Poland for the seventh time.



A leading real estate developer

Activities in Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Warszawa, Poznań and Sopot

Member of Polish Developers Association (Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich)

mLocum is a property developer active on the primary real estate market. The company is engaged in housing development projects in Poland’s biggest cities including Kraków, Łódź, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Sopot. The company sold 240 apartments in 2014, compared to 290 apartments in 2013.

The profit before tax generated by the company in 2014 was PLN 16.7 million, compared to PLN 16.2 million in 2013. The increase of the profit was owed to improved conditions on the primary market of housing real estate, resulting in higher sales margins.



The offer comprises loans, account, insurance products, investments and savings for both individual customers and companies

An open platform for financial services sale on the intermediaries market

As at the end of 2014, Aspiro offered products of 27 financial service providers including mBank. The offer comprised 53 products, including mortgage loans, cash loans, insurance products, investment products, leasing and factoring among others.

The company reported an increase of the volume of sales of mortgage loans in 2014 (+71.1% year on year) mainly achieved through sales of the mortgage loan offer of mBank and mBank Hipoteczny. The sales of cash loans increased by 34.8% in the period under review. The sales of car loans through car dealers was record-high in 2014 ever since the sales were launched, representing an increase of 32.8% year on year. In Q3 2014, the Company launched sales of mLeasing products through dealers who previously only offered mBank Group car loans. Currently 50 dealers offer this product.

The company acquired 100% in two mBank Group subsidiaries in 2014: BRE Ubezpieczenia Sp. z o.o and BRE Agent Ubezpieczeniowy Sp. z o.o as part of broader reorganization of mBank’s insurance activities.

mFinance France S.A.

The core business of mFinance France (mFF) is to raise funds for mBank in international markets through euronote issues. The euronote programme was updated in 2012. In 2014, mFF issued two tranches of bonds, EUR 500 million each, maturing in 2019 and 2021.

mFF generated a profit before tax of PLN 36 thousand in 2014, compared to a loss of PLN 119 thousand posted in 2013.

MLV 45 Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

MLV 45 Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. was formed through transformation of BRE Holding in Q3 2013. BRE Holding was established in November 2007 by the Bank acting as its sole shareholder. The company’s assets include shares of mBank Hipoteczny S.A., mFaktoring S.A., mLeasing Sp. z o.o. and mLocum S.A.

The net loss of the company, whose revenue includes mainly dividend payments, stood at PLN 0.2 million in 2014, compared to PLN 40.5 million in 2013.

Garbary Sp. z o.o.

The company is part of the Bank’s portfolio since May 2004. The only asset of Garbary is a plot of land situated at Garbary st. 101/111 in Poznań with a meat plant development (currently not in operation) subject to strict urban heritage conservation.

BDH Development Sp. z o.o.

mBank acquired 100% of BDH Development Sp. z o.o. in November 2013. The core business of the company is to implement and complete property development projects using housing real estate taken over by mBank Group companies in debt restructuring and enforcement of investment loans in order to recover the biggest possible value from properties taken over.

The company posted a loss before tax of PLN 5.2 million in 2014, in part due to a revaluation of properties held by the company in light of more challenging market environment.



Back-office processes for mBank Group

Settlements servicing and database administration

Documentation storage in electronic and paper form, confidential data protection

The company actively supported the efforts pursued in 2014 in implementation of the Bank’s Strategy “One Branch Network” to systematise the documentation of mBank branches (paper and electronic archives).

Moreover, the company participated in the operational support for BLIK (a mobile payment project carried out by Poland’s major banks), and the implementation of a new application system for clients submitting post-sale orders.

The Company’s profit before tax in 2014 was –PLN 5.5 million compared to a profit before tax of PLN 495.8 thousand in 2013, which was caused by impairment on fixed assets owned by mCentrum Operacji.