2.6. Revenue and expenses from sale of insurance products bundled with loans

The Group treats sold insurance products as bundled with loans, in particular when insurance product is offered to the customer only with the loan, i.e. it is not possible to purchase from the Group the insurance product which is identical in a legal form, content and economic conditions without purchasing the loan.

Revenue and expenses from sale of insurance products bundled with loans are split into interest income and fee and commission income based on the relative fair value analysis of each of these products.

The remuneration included in interest income is recognised over time as part of effective interest rate calculation for the bundled loan. The remuneration included in fee and commission income is recognised partly as upfront income and partly including deferring over time based on the analysis of the stage of completion of the service.

Expenses directly linked to the sale of insurance products are recognised using the same pattern as in case of income observing the matching concept. A part of expenses is treated as an element adjusting the calculation of effective interest rate for interest income and the remaining part of expenses is recognised in fee and commission expenses as upfront cost or as cost accrued over time.

The Group estimates also the part of remuneration which in the future will be returned due to early termination of insurance contract and appropriately decreases interest income or fee and commission income to be recognised.