1.6. Mobile application – mBank’s approach and summary of activities in 2014

1-6-mbank-mobileMobile technologies are changing our lives. They give us speed, independence, convenience, they are personalised and serve multiple purposes, they connect us with the whole world – all that here and now, immediately. Within just a few years, numerous firms based only on mobile technologies appeared.


One of many examples of revolutionary business models may be the Uber mobile application used to order road transport services by way of matching passengers with drivers who have the application. In December 2014 the company was valued at USD 41 billion.

The mobile application News Republic presents daily 50 thousand articles containing the most comprehensive daily reports and breaking news from over 1,000 licensed and trusted information channels all over the world. Its enormous success is reflected in the number of downloads just on Android devices – over 5 million.

Even the most out-of-the-box ideas, such as the communication application Yo, can – thanks to the mobile technology – become million-dollar-worth businesses within few months.

1-6-aplikacjaAccording to the survey of the Homo Homini Institute, over the past three years the number of people using mobile banking has tripled and currently 11.2% of respondents declare using banks’ services through this channel. What is more, over 55% of respondents believe that mobile banking will replace online banking in the future.

Coming in line with the current trends, in 2014 mBank also focused on the development of this channel, at the same time offering an innovative approach to the application introduction process. The mobile application was built from scratch by mBank expert team, with actual needs of clients in mind.

From the very moment of its implementation on February 19, 2014, the mobile tool has been available on three major operating systems covering 99% of the Polish mobile market (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).

The new application features many new, mobile scenarios, and the newest ones were designed from scratch, which is why they are much simpler and faster (e.g. checking the account balance without logging in). mOkazje (mDeals) and PUSH notifications informing about interesting promotions nearby or about new operations on the account were very well received. Clients quickly took to the “one click” loan and to the P2P transfers. Thanks to the implemented financial management, clients started to better organise their expenses by categorising, tagging or commenting them.

The most important elements:

  • available on the most popular mobile operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows Phone;
  • full capacity for conducting transactions;
  • security thanks to and a unique PIN;
  • access to key information and offers without logging in;
  • mobile mOkazje and geolocation of discounts, branches and ATMs;
  • option of PUSH notifications: new operations, account events, mOkazje nearby;
  • P2P payments ordered with a text message using the phone’s address book;
  • Poland’s fastest– perfect for the time of waiting in the queue at the till;
  • elements of financial management (PFM): possibility to categorise expenses;
  • possibility to modify transaction limits for the mobile channel;
  • functions for Windows Phone: tiles with the account balance and recipients on the desktop, interaction with map and navigation apps.

Introducing a new mobile application of mBank was supported by an advertising campaign presenting the easy way to manage one’s finances from every place, at every time.

mBank mobile application was received positively by clients. During the first month, a record-high number of downloads was reported – over 200 thousand. In addition to that, the client activity in the mobile channel has doubled.


  • Total number of mobile log-ins - +100% in 6 months.
  • Mobile log-ins per 1 customer – +80% in 15 months.
  • Mobile channel share in total no. of log-ins – +100% to 22% share.
  • Application download – +70% to 25 thou. per month.

The positive reception by clients translated directly into the number of mBank mobile users, turning the Bank into Poland’s leading bank in terms of the number of mobile banking clients.


Source: PRNews.pl/Bankier.pl

* users of mobile application and „light” version of website

mBank mobile application is positively assessed not only by experts, but also by clients. On the AppAward 2014 gala the bank won four main awards, out of which three were granted basing on the votes of Internet users, and one by the jury.

In 2014 Forrester, a research and advisory firm, placed mBank mobile banking among the best three applications in Europe.

Moreover, mBank was nominated for Mobile Trends Awards 2014, which are granted annually to the best mobile solutions.

Over 200 thousand application downloads within a month from the launch of its new version and a doubled mobile activity of clients – these examples prove that mBank is a mobile banking icon. The Bank is still working on further development of the application and adding new functionalities, including those proposed by clients. In 2015, mBank will give the highest priority to mobile payments and bringing into compliance the functionalities of its mobile banking application and Internet platform. The Bank will focus on purely mobile scenarios in order to enable users to perform them in no more than 30 seconds. mBank wants its mobile application to always keep up with the global trends.